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Let There Be Country

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Saturday, January 9th, 2021
6:00AM to 9:00AM

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Saturday, January 9th, 2021 6:04AM

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Episode: Let There Be Country

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Show: Let There Be Country

RetroRadio - Let There Be Country

Hosted By Willie Schmidt (with Ed Natale)

Saturdays 6:00AM to 9:00AM Eastern Time HD1

My love for country music started back when I was a kid. Like so many of us, I was drawn to the kitchen radio, listening to country music and hanging out with Mom while she was busy doing things around the house. One of our favorite shows was Don McNeill’s Breakfast Club.

My Grandfather, who lived with us, would often take me to pick up my Grandmother from work. And, on our way home, we sometimes would stop at a music store and he would let me pick out an album and I almost always picked a country artist.

Even as I got older and my friends were buying Beatles and Stone's records, I'd still buy the music of Johnny Cash or Hank Williams. Though I started to be get more into “classic rock” as I hit my late teens, I would always return to country music--whether it was attending a concert or buying a new record when it came out.

When I was discharged from the Air Force, I took a job as an auto glass installer driving all over New Jersey. I certainly played the heck out of that truck’s AM radio listening to WHN, which further renewed my appreciation of country music.

I started listening to Paul Bain when he brought his show "Let There Be Country" to WFDU in 1994. Listeners from that time got to know me as a regular caller (“Willie from Waldwick”), making requests during every show.

Through the years, Paul and I got to know each other and we would often small talk between songs. After Paul became ill and could no longer do the show, then Dan “The Surfing Cowboy” took over for a brief time and was then followed by Duff Sheffield, who I became fast friends with. Later, after Kenny O'Boyle took over, I soon became a regular contributor to the show, which got me on as a guest DJ. That eventually led to my first gig as DJ on Monday nights on HD2, doing a show called the “Sagebrush Saloon” (7-10pm)- -which I still do today.

When ' Let There Be Country" was moved to Saturday mornings (6-9 AM), Kenny called me up and asked if I would like to be the new host. The rest is history! And now, along with my co-host, Ed Natale, we have taken over the reins from "Kenny the Cowboy Kid" and made the show our own and we've been having fun ever since!


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