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Anything Goes

Original Aired:
Monday, November 7th, 2011
9:01AM to 1:01PM

4 hours

Monday, November 7th, 2011 10:10AM

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Episode: Anything Goes

Variety, showtunes etc. Anything Goes with host Lise Avery.

Show: Anything Goes


Mondays, 9:00AM to 1:00PM Eastern Time

Anything Goes!! is a specialty radio show consisting of mix of swing, jazz, standards and classic pop with a little bit of ‘anything else’ thrown into the mix (including Groucho Marx, Patsy Cline or a touch of World Music.) Host/Producer Lise Avery creates a unique blend of music from the perspective of, and with the adeptness of a bandleader to create a variety of moods. Ms. Avery’s experience as a cabaret vocalist adds a broad knowledge of the nuances and the history of the music she plays and her program is ‘peppered’ with facts and anecdotes about the artists and the material incorporated into any edition of Anything Goes!!

Anything Goes!! currently airs in syndication in various parts of the US including Miami, FL, Memphis, TN, Dallas TX and internationally in parts of Australia and across Taiwan. Anything Goes!! is aired by a number of radio affilliates for nearly 100 miles around the New York area reaching into New York City, Northern New Jersey, Southern and Central Connecticut, Westchester, Rockland and Sullivan Counties in New York and Nassau County on Long Island. The only radio station where Lise is heard live and unedited is WFDU-FM.

Lise is especially proud of her Commercial with a Conscience trademark which distinguishes Anything Goes!! from much of the commercial radio produced in the world.

Since it first appeared on the air on WFDU-FM the NY Metro area in 1998, Anything Goes!! has built a very loyal following. Anything Goes!! listeners are linked by interests and attitude rather than age and are often involved in the arts, education and music. Listeners are evenly spread amongst all age groups. They range from students to blue collar workers, to professionals, to retirees. The one thing that Lise thinks her listeners have in common is that they are interesting people who are interested and caring.

What makes Anything Goes!! especially unique is the unexpected segues from one genre of music to another. Songs in a mix have their own unique relationship whether that relationship is thematic or musical, or perhaps both. It is Ms. Avery’s intent to adroitly combine the new and the familiar, the classic with the contemporary and the wistful with the humorous.

Lise always appreciates hearing from you. Please feel free to use the contact info below.

Lise Avery
Anything Goes!! with Lise Avery
Listener Line (Available 24/7) (212) 613-6163


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