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That Modern Rock Show

Original Aired:
Saturday, March 31st, 2012
10:05PM to 10:25PM

20 minutes

Sunday, April 1st, 2012 10:11PM

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Episode: Donna D'errico Interview

 Actress Donna D'errico was a guest on "That Modern Rock Show" on 3/31/2012. Topics discussed include Ghosty's love for the spinoff series "Baywatch Nights", Donna's trip to Mount Ararat and her upcoming appearance at the Chiller Theater convention in Parsippany NJ in April.  

Show: That Modern Rock Show

"Ghosty" became intrigued with broadcasting when he was but a wee lad cowering beneath the bedsheets trying to tune in AM radio stations from far away exotic locales. He continues to cower beneath the bedsheets on occasion but these days hosts his own show every Saturday night from 11pm until 1am(Sunday). The music is 70's Punk, 80's New Wave, 90's Alternative and today's best Indie Rock. Featured guests have included members of Berlin, The Smiths, Violent Femmes, The Fleshtones, Heaven 17, Psychedelic Furs, OMD, etc. Slip back in time and "dare to be different" with Ghosty's own brand of WFDU's New Music Legacy, a concoction of the best new and vintage alternative and flip-side tunes.              
When he's not spending long hours locked in our production studios, Ghosty frequently lends his voice to a variety of TV projects including Saturday morning cartoons and was the host of several programs on Sirius Satellite Radio.


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