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 The cowboy kid was born on a cold February evening in a horse stable in Jersey City. Once the horses saw the young cowboy they kicked his human parents out of the barn and decided to raise the boy themselves. It was the horses that put the country in Country Kenny O'Boyle.

Well, none of that information is true except the February evening in Jersey City. However, here's the real story...

Ever since Kenny O'Boyle enrolled in Fairleigh Dickinson University, WFDU-FM became his second horse stable, if you will. He started as a fill-in DJ subbing in for anybody no matter what kind of music he had to play.

Finally, Country Kenny O'Boyle had a date with destiny. Now the Cowboy Kid is hosting the longest running country music program in New York Radio - . Paul Bain's Let There Be Country!

Join Kenny every Thursday morning from 9am-1pm for the best mix of classic and contemporary country music anywhere on the radio dial.

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