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Jack Pignatello is the host of Sounds So Sweet, featuring the sweet sounds of jug band music.

Jug Band music is a uniquely American genre, combining country, folk, gospel, jazz and pop music. Historically, the original jug bands were ever-changing ensembles featuring traditional instrumentation such as guitar, banjo and fiddle, but also including home-made instruments to fill out the sound of the group. The jug took the place of the bass or the tuba, the washtub bass replaced the standup bass, kazoos often took the musical parts usually reserved for trumpets and coronets, the washboard added rhythm and percussion, bones and spoons also added another rhythm/percussion element.

The show’s mission is to spread the gospel of jug band music in all its iterations, combinations and permutations, and although we recognize that there are lots of jug band aficionados, there are still pockets of would be fans that need to be pulled into the fold. The show will cover the history of jug band music through the music of the pioneers...the roots, the influences, the musicians who invented and developed it, the personalities who kept the torch burning through the years and the current bands and music that were influenced by jug band music.

We’ll also expand the definition of the music by including not only the traditional and revival material, but also the modern music. We’ll also include music that could or should be jug band music, and musicians who’ve been in jug bands and moved on.

Jack’s connection to jug band music began as an undergraduate at Montclair State College in 1965, when he and a bunch of classmates formed a jug band for a campus musical event. The band was called The Dirdy Birdies Jug Band, and this one-time performance has evolved into a band that’s been going strong for almost 50 years. The band has played for audiences in Canada, the UK, and plenty of locations in the US, including headlining spots at the National Jug Band Jubilee in Louisville, KY, the birthplace of jug band music.


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