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 Thursday 6PM to 10PM (Web Only)

Shaun McGann served as a co-host and behind the scenes gopher for the last three years on the WFDU program Good Music with Evan Toth and a frequent guest on the comedy podcast TheAlexxcast . He is a contributor to the Asbury Park section of the music webzine The Vinyl District and the author of a collection of short stories titled Everyone's a Stranger. You can reach him at

The Thursday Nite Show- is a rock-based program that organically incorporates jazz, hip-hop, blues, and pop into it's mix. More than just a playlist on random, the show features deep album cuts from popular artists, hits you might have forgotten about and fresh tracks from new and local artists. Turn it on and leave it to hear a wide variety of genres and maybe get turned on to something you didn't know about.

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