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The longest running show on WFDU-FM, TRADITIONS was created by Ron Olesko in 1980

Ron Olesko grew up during the Folk Revival of the 1960’s and some of his earliest memories include being captivated by songs such as "Sloop John B." and "There's A Hole In The Bucket" being performed on the Captain Kangaroo TV show. In 1975 he enrolled at Fairleigh Dickinson University and joined WFDU-FM on his first day as a freshman and has been with the station ever since. Ron started as a DJ playing alternative rock interspersed with folk music. In 1977 he presented a program with Marjorie Guthrie as his guest, the widow of one of Ron's musical heroes, Woody Guthrie. From that point on, folk music became the centerpiece of Ron's radio work. In 1980, just after he graduated from FDU, Ron began the series “Traditions”, now WFDU-FM’s longest running program. Ron received the 2019 Creator of the Year Award at the Northeast Regional Folk Alliance and was nominated in the Broadcaster Category for 2007 Folk Alliance Music & Business Awards. In addition, Ron is the President of the Hurdy Gurdy Folk Music Club in Fair Lawn, NJ and has written for Sing Out! Magazine.  Additionally, in 2019 Ron launched an Internet channel devoted to folk music at - a 24 hour a day channel featuring some of the finest folk shows and music from across the country. To contact Ron:   


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