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 What is the Soul 2 Neosoul Experience? Each week for 3 hours, Terry the Jaguar will lead you on a musical trip that will take you back to the genesis of soul and dive into the soul of today. On the way, you will groove to some of the best music that never made it on the airwaves. Whether it’s blue-eyed-soul, brown-eyed-soul, Euro-soul or soul fusion, If its groovin, The Jaguar will include it on the musical itinerary. Maybe it was a B-side masterpiece that got lost along the way, or didn’t get much air-time because it wasn’t the flavor of the day.

And what about all those treasures that have been sampled by the most famous hip-hop artists and rappers over the last few decades? The Jaguar will deconstruct them and give them their rightful place on center stage. As you enjoy your journey with the Jaguar, you may just rediscover an artist you forgot about, or you may get transported by the memory of when you first heard a certain song and fall for it all over again. Thats the Soul 2 Neosoul Experience!

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