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Anita Elaine Rivers– I love the arts, especially acting and music. I can remember as a little girl doing ‘pretend’ skits with Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett…and then came Tyler Perry as Madea!

God gave me a big voice, so I welcomed the opportunity to use my voice and studied Broadcast Journalism at NYU and gravitated into Marketing Communication graduate studies at CSUSB.

When I joined FDU as a staff member, I looked for opportunities to experience radio on an ‘upfront and personal level.’ I began with formal training with Duff Sheffield at WFDU.FM and as they say…’the rest is history!

Most importantly, I love gospel music because it speaks to my every need. I am excited to share inspirational gospel music on The Sound of Victory radio show every Friday from 10 pm to 1 am on WFDU RADIO. It is the SOUND that transcends all barriers.

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