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 My show Rock-it Science is just a continuation of a weekly gathering of tunes that I dig up during my travels near and far. 

The 'far' consists of my chats with online friends from Europe,Canada and across the USA. 

These are avid collectors and knowledgeable folks who broaden my horizons on a weekly basis and give me fresh ideas for my show every week. 

None of these people are in any kind of blues organizations.It just seems to be we are always around or not too far from that genre.

I would suppose Rock-it Science would be considered a blues show by some and maybe not so much by others. I never worry about it. I just play what I think sounds good each week and hope for the best!

I will admit to being smitten by guitar icons like Freddie King, Peter Green and Kim Simmonds and you will probably hear something from them or some of their disciples each week.

l am also partial to women with powerful voices like Big Mama Thornton, Koko Taylor, Kathi McDonald and the current generation of women who emulate them.If those same women happen to play a great rocking blues guitar as well you,can be sure that I will have them on my short stack of CDs each week.If you are looking to hear hit records then my show may not be for you.

If you like hearing rootsy rocking blues tinged tunes that you either have never heard before or maybe haven't heard for a while then you might want to tune in to 89.1 Friday mornings 9am-1pm.

Cheers, Greg

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